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The Ceiling Fan Rules & Regulations

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The Ceiling Fan Rules & Regulations Empty The Ceiling Fan Rules & Regulations

Post by Waldo on Mon Mar 25, 2013 1:51 am


The Ceiling Fan Message Boards are a fun place with awesome people and awesome discussions. But like most awesome things, TCF Message Board needs rules and regulations to keep it functioning properly. Please take a second to read through them, although I am sure these are mostly rules you follow anyway.

Rules to follow:

1. Try to keep on topic:
Discussion is wonderful and encouraged but try to stay on topic because it makes things more organized and easier for new people to jump in on a conversation. Feel free to make a different topic elsewhere if appropriate.

2. Make posts clean/easy to read:
Please use spell check or proof your posts before you post them so that they are easy to read and understand. If you post something then think of something to add before someone else posts, go ahead an edit your last post. Also, please don't over-use the smilies or font colors.

3. No cyber-bullying:
Don't pick on people or insult them, we should be building each other up and not tearing them down.

4. Moderators must be obeyed at all times, no questions asked:
The moderators are here to keep the peace, they are looking out for the board and do what's best for it. If they ask you to do something different or have to penalize you for something, be respectful and cooperative.

5. Be safe:
If you are under the age of 14 we stress that you ask your parent's permission before sharing your age with anyone on the board. This is simply a safety precaution, we just want you to have fun and be safe here on The Ceiling Fan Message Board.

What will happen if rules are not followed:


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