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Season 5 Episode 1 - Ceiling Fan Mail
Season 5 begins as Ethan tries to return to a normal life...which might not be so easy.

Welcome to The Ceiling Fan board. Please do not feed the singing tortoises.

Which Version?

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Which Version?  Empty Which Version?

Post by Nelson S. on Fri May 24, 2013 2:27 pm

In the eps of TCF, some of the songs are different from ones on the CD. Do you prefer the ones on the podcast, or the ones on the CD?

Go back and listen if you don't remember:

Ep. 14: Odyssey Odydo
Ep. 33: M'Kalister Park
Ep. 34: Whit's End
Ep. 35: The Way Back
Ep. 36.5: Hiding
Ep. 37: Rap Battle
Ep. 37: Tooth Fairy Song
Ep. 38: Good Things
Ep. 39: The Letter
Ep. 40: Come Back Jimmy
Ep. 41: Bring Mitch Back
Ep. 42 (part 2): Goodbye

Songs I prefer on the podcast:
Odyssey Odydo
The Way Back
(I like the vocal chops.)
Come Back Jimmy

What about you people?
Nelson S.
Nelson S.

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Which Version?  Empty Re: Which Version?

Post by Bid Wouldahadit on Fri May 24, 2013 2:29 pm

I believe that there is a certain charm to Hiding after listening to the rest of 36.5
Bid Wouldahadit
Bid Wouldahadit

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